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Newsletter 13 September 2019

We would like to start by saying, Welcome Back! We hope that all of those children who are returning to us had a lovely break. To all of our new parents, welcome to the Brayton Headstart community!

We are very excited for this upcoming academic year and have a term ahead filled with lots of learning and fun, which we will keep you posted on.

This is our weekly newsletter which will contain dates for the diary, updates on what the children have been enjoying during the week, reminders and any additional information to keep parents in the loop.

We have had a fantastic first two weeks in setting.  The children have enjoyed both indoor and outdoor areas as we pride ourselves on promoting free-flow play. Indoors the new role play ‘Café’ has been a massive hit, by request of the children we managed to provide new resources over the summer and created an area which the children are loving. We have enjoyed mark-making, painting, jigsaws, construction and sensory play. Outdoors the children have loved shaving foam and water this has been a popular choice amongst the children and many created a hand washing station alongside playing with scooters, cars and tyres testing their physical abilities.

We are sadly saying our Goodbyes to Vicky as she is flying the nest to join a new venture in pursuing a career in a different sector working with teenage children. She will be in our thoughts and massively missed but we wish her the best of luck for her future.

Polite reminder:

Brayton Headstart is a NUT FREE setting. Can we refrain from putting anything containing nuts in pack ups, including chocolate spread and peanut butter. We have a child in setting that is severely allergic to nuts and is in use of an EPI pen due to serious risk of anaphylactic shock. Any pack ups that contain nuts will be disposed of due to the serious nature of the risk to the child.

Many of our children have started potty training which is fantastic and we offer lots of encouragement and praise for our children at Headstart. Please could parents ensure they provide spare pants/pull ups and extra clothes in case accidents do occur as we have recently had a shortage of spares.  Also, wet wipes as this increases our costs. Also, some children are sensitive to certain brands, so if you can provide your own, that would be great!

We also are experiencing mixed weather and the summer months are coming to an end so if parents can also ensure they provide wellington boots/spare shoes, coats or waterproofs as this will help to keep the children dry and protects clothing from outdoor/messy play.

The registers are looking extremely healthy for the academic year 2019-2020 and we encourage those that are hoping for extra sessions or places for the following year to book now as spaces are limited. Please feel free to speak to Monika or Rachel if you want to extend any sessions so we can try and accommodate and prioritise those that are already in setting.

As some of you are aware Carole has been away due to having injured her leg. We hope she makes a speedy recovery and is feeling better very quickly. Her key children are looked after by her key buddy and aided by the ladies and we hope to have her returning with a full bill of health.

We also are saying goodbye to Vicky. She has been an amazing person and will be greatly missed by all. Vicky has been offered an amazing job opportunity to work in residential homes caring for young children and adults. We wish Vicky all the best.