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Newsletter 18th January 2019

Welcome back to you all and Hello to all our new children and their families.

This is our first newsletter to appear on our website. We plan to keep using this to display our weekly newsletters to update you on what we have been doing.

This week, we have been making ‘melted snowmen’. The children who are still to make theirs, will still get a chance next week. We can’t force children to make anything, but we will certainly attempt to encourage. We have also been playing with slim, ice and bath bombs!

Our themed topic voted in by the children is ‘Stick Man’. We are asking if you could collect twigs and little sticks etc with your child so they can bring them in over this term. The children will then be able to make pictures using them, stick people, use them for counting…anything really, they chose.

In the cloakroom, we have displayed a poster containing themed words we will be using this term. We will keep changing them so know what we are using. This is in hope that you could also help support your children in saying these words at home. Also, this is to help you know that if you do hear these words, it is from what they have been learning in the setting. If you have any themed words they use at home and you would like to share with us here, please feel free to write this on the blank sheet of laminate so we can teach the children the words here!

Our topic this term is WINTER and STICK MAN.

The committee are asking if you have any unwanted gifts, items that we could possibly be donated. They have a new shed so are able to start storing items ready for our next BBQ.

Lost property- Please could I ask that you check for a blue hoodie top wit hour logo on. It may have gone home with you by mistake as a little is still looking for his new one!

Please can we remind everyone of bringing in spare clothes and boots. We do play in the rain and the children are getting wet through their play. We don’t have many spare clothes to offer to your children to change into, so at times they may be dressed in whatever spare we do have and this could be in opposite sexed clothes (please don’t think we are neglecting them, we are simply trying to keep them dry and warm in whatever fits. So please, bring plenty of spare clothes in. PLEASE LABEL THEM!

Can I ask also, we really do need your child to come with a string bag and not a rucksack. Most of the children are doubled up on pegs, we simply cannot put up more pegs and 2 coats with 2 string bags do fit together. Rucksacks are bulky and big. We do sell bags here, but you are welcome to purchase your own.

Have an amazing weekend and we shall see you all next week.