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Newsletter 25th January 2019

What an amazing week we have had this week. The children have continued making ‘melted snowmen’. Next week, we are going to try and make our ‘stick man/woman/person’ during our baking times. Please don’t panic if your child does not make theirs straight away, we plan to keep this going for the 2 weeks (ish).

Some of the children were lucky enough to go onto the big field for the afternoon to have a really good run around. This I hope burnt a lot of the energy up! Some of the children have been coming home covered in white flour? Well this is the ‘gloop’. We have had lots of messy fun playing with gloop and trying to work out why is can be hard, yet gloopy (The gloop washes off easily I promise)!

As our themed topic continues to be ‘Stick Man’. We are asking if you could collect twigs and little sticks etc with your child so they can bring them in over this term. The children have been making pictures using them, stick people, use them for counting…anything really, they chose.

Lots of building and construction using our very popular magnetic blocks. Some amazing buildings coming from there and the children have combined this with the small world to create their own community.

In the cloakroom, we have displayed a poster containing themed words we will be using this term. We have changed the words today, please have a look and please do write on the blank part to help us and show us what words your children have been using at home related to winter and stickman.

Lost property- Please could I ask that you check for a pink string bag with girls clothes in. It went home with someone else this week and has still not returned. Also, some children have lost hats and gloves. We ask that you label all your clothing as this is becoming a daily occurrence. We can not be held responsible for items going missing, if they are on the pegs, but then someone picks it up my mistake thinking it was their child’s, goes home with it and doesn’t return them. Names MUST be on them to help us help you!

Please can we remind everyone of bringing in spare clothes and boots. We do play in the rain and the children are getting wet through their play. We don’t have many spare clothes to offer to your children to change into, so at times they may be dressed in whatever spare we do have and this could be in opposite sexed clothes (please don’t think we are neglecting them, we are simply trying to keep them dry and warm in whatever fits. So please, bring plenty of spare clothes in. PLEASE LABEL THEM!

A polite reminder once again…… Can I ask also, we really do need your child to come with a string bag and not a rucksack. Most of the children are doubled up on pegs, we simply cannot put up more pegs and 2 coats with 2 string bags do fit together. Rucksacks are bulky and big. We do sell bags here, but you are welcome to purchase your own.

Have an amazing weekend and we shall see you all next week.