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Newsletter 31 January 2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our weekly newsletter which will contain dates for the diary, updates on what the children have been enjoying during the week, reminders and any additional information to keep parents in the loop.

We have a few dates and updates for the diary for the next upcoming months, please see below;

Thursday 27th February- A committee meeting is being held at Headstart preschool in the main room and this starts from 6:30pm. All parents are welcome to attend and Amanda will be running the meeting and explaining what the role of becoming a member is about and this should highlight the importance of having extra members join the team as well as the general updates about the setting and the future forecasts and plans for the setting.  

Tuesday 17th March- We are hoping to plan another trip out with the children. It will be an extension of the ‘transport’ theme and will involve the children walking and crossing a pelican crossing where we will talk about road safety. This will however be weather dependant nearer the due date and we will update you further with specific details nearer the time.

May Bank Holiday Change- There has been a change with the dates for this year’s May bank holiday. We originally closed on Monday 4th May however this has been moved to coincide with the VE Day as this year is the 75th anniversary to mark the formal end of World War ll. It has changed to Friday 8th May instead, so we will see you open on the Monday as usual but will be shutting on the Friday.

Friday 12th June- This is the date our annual Summer Fair will be held between the hours of 4-7pm. We will update you about the event closer to the date also.

Throughout the week we have been busy baking making transport biscuits and have enjoyed the ‘Chinese New Year ‘food tasting which many children have never tried before. The children have been using playdough and cornflour to experiment with colours and textures and we have also had a group debate which involved the children sharing likes and dislikes amongst their peers. This was fantastic to see as it helped to develop listening skills and allowed the children to be confident in sharing their opinions and feelings and teaches the children our Fundamental British Values.

Polite reminder:

We are on the lookout for a missing drinks bottle. It is a blue coloured bottle that has dinosaurs printed and a flip up lid which has become slightly worn and has the name ‘Austin’ written on the underneath in pen. If anyone comes across this or has taken it home by mistake please could you return it to Headstart.

Brayton Headstart is a NUT FREE setting. Can we refrain from putting anything containing nuts in pack ups, including chocolate spread and peanut butter. We have a child in setting that is severely allergic to nuts and is in use of an EPI pen due to serious risk of anaphylactic shock. Any pack ups that contain nuts will be disposed of due to the serious nature of the risk to the child.

The registers are looking extremely healthy for the academic year 2019-2020 and we encourage those that are hoping for extra sessions or places for the following year to book now as spaces are limited. Please feel free to speak to Monika or Rachel if you want to extend any sessions so we can try and accommodate and prioritise those that are already in setting.

Many Thanks, Brayton Headstart