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Newsletter 7 June 2019

A fantastic to start to the new term, welcoming new families and settling back into routines. The children have had a really busy week with making unicorn cakes, looking after our vegetable patch and burning off a lot of energy. They have loved the open space of the garden, creating their own games and testing their physical abilities. Inside we have making surprises for our special misters in our lives which will be sent home this week and next.

Lost property is currently been stored on the shelf in the cloakroom. We ask if you could have a look through to see if your child has any belongings they may have left over this term.

Tuesday 11th June 2019 we will be visited by Andrea Turvey, the photographer. She will be taking photos of the school leavers predominately but is willing to take photographs of any others and siblings wanting them. If you are wishing for no photos to be taken of your child please speak to Monika or Kirsty and they will be taken off the photographer’s list, if we do not hear from you then your child will be taken for pictures with one of the ladies. If you are wishing for your child to have their photo taken with a sibling then please speak to Monika or Kirsty so we can arrange a time for you to come into setting safely. If your child is not in setting on Tuesday 11th June and you are wishing for photos to be taken please feel free to come along. There will be no messy or water play for the morning session, so if your child wants to come in specific clothing there will be minimal risk of spoiling their lovely clothes and we can change them after their pictures.

Funding sheets will be sent out for those staying in September next week so we can secure funding for your child’s sessions. Please fill in and return to setting as soon as possible.

We have been given dates and times for the children’s transitional visits to Longman’s Hill, they are as follows:

Tuesday 18th June 9:15am – 10am. (Headstart doors will open at 10:20am for children to enter setting ).

Tuesday 25th June 11:30am – 12:15pm. (Headstart doors will open at 11:15am for children to leave and re-open after lunch at 1pm for children to return to setting. Please note no dinner session will be available on this day).

Tuesday 2nd July 2pm – 2:30pm. (Headstart doors will open at 1:45pm for children to leave with no return).

Wednesday 10th July 1:30pm – 2:30pm. (Headstart doors will open at 1:15pm with no return. Please note dinner session available on this day).

These sessions are not compulsory but set up to give your child the best possible opportunity to make the transition from preschool to school life. Please speak to Monika or Kirsty if you have questions on these transitional visits.

Dates for your diary: the term will now run up until Friday 19th July 2019. Friday 19th July is our last session for all children, with the school leavers enjoying their leavers trip to Piglets on this day and the remaining children having a fun day. This will also be Kirsty’s last day before starting maternity.