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Newsletter 8 February 2019

Another busy and fun-filled week! The children have been busy jumping in muddy puddles (it’s not as though we have not had plenty of rain!), played with the small world creating their own homes and villages, explored and experimented with gloop and mark making using brushes and rice, mountains of painting and mixing lots of course to see the effects, construction and baking chocolate chip tray bakes!

Can I just politely remind parents regarding baking….as you all know, Brayton Headstart are a charity run preschool, and without the support from you all, we would not be here.  Your invoices show a £2 per week charge which, helps to pay towards snack and baking. This charge is not just for baking something each week… it is also for the snacks your children have morning and afternoon. Some settings both private and non-private would charge approximately this much (and more) per child per day!  We have over 40 children on the roll, and we are therefore unable to bake everyday for all 40+ children. We pride in ourselves being able to spend good quality time and interaction with a smaller group of children each day so that we can really support them to help bake and this is so important for us to build that connection with each child (this is where we build a stronger bond with our non-key children). We can help promote your child’s language, turn-taking, using our senses and maths, we help build upon their social skills and learn a life-skill! If some children are coming out at the end of session with baking, it does not mean your child will miss out. They will get a chance to bake in the week, or following week. The ladies have a list of all the children and ensure the children do get a turn. Please also remember, if your child is on holiday, or off sick, then we will try our best they are able to do what was the week before… Sometimes however, some children refuse point blank to bake! We can not and will not force any child to take part in an activity. They have a right to decide what they wish to do…

The children have asked to revamp our playroom, could we ask if you have any spare or unwanted items that we could use in our areas if you could drop them into setting. We have a home corner and construction area in need of a make-over. Thank you in advance.

The weather is still a little mixed, but either way, wet!! The children are not refrained from going outside if they want to play. Please could I ask you bring spare clothing so that we can ensure upon collection, they are dressed in warm and dry clothes. Also, please label the clothes as so many items are going missing or home to the wrong family.

Next week, we will be working on our St. Valentines theme. Also more fun filled activities

Have an amazing weekend and we shall see you all next week.