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Newsletter 8 March 2019

Welcome Back!! We hope you all had a great week off! Thank you to those parents who emailed me your fantastic holidays photos. These are printed off and handed over to your children’s key worker who will use these to share with your child then put into their memory books.

So, we have had as usual another busy and fun-filled happy to be back week this week! We have also been doing tons of reading and rein-acting out some of our favourite book characters. We have had of course our World Book Day fancy dress day on Thursday, which we raised £18.00. The sponsored reading is to finish and all monies to be collected in by Friday next week. Thank you for the return so far, you are doing amazing and so far have raised over £150…(final count after closing date). I have never seen so many fantastic costumes! THANK YOU so much for joining in with us and the children certainly enjoyed this….Also this week, we have been exploring bird seed and lard in the tough spot tray. They children helped to make feeders to put into the garden, as well as just exploring the texture and fun of seeds everywhere! The children have been mixing colours with paint and a lot of chatter on this was used, we also listened to the children on asking them on what they wanted to have for a theme, and hear their ideas for their preschool…watch this space for more things coming….despite the weather, we still went out to play….we have had water, bubbles, washing of scooters, cars and general making lots more bubbles! We have also done some groovy and fantastic dance moves (with the help of Mary Poppins)! 😊

Parents evening- We will be holding our parents evening on Thursday 14th March. This is your chance to look through your child’s memory folder and have a chat with your keyperson. For new starters, a chance to see how your child is settling in. This is NOT compulsory so please do not feel this is a must. Please only book your time if you know you can make it. Last year, some parents booked a place and staff ended up waiting around with a no-show. Staff also have families to get home to and have been working all day so would like to leave as soon as they can 😊. The time sheets for booking will go out on the first week back after half term in the cloakroom.

Sept 2019 children staying- slips went out this week (if you did not get yours, it will be in the tray waiting to pass next time you’re in). Please have a look at what sessions you have already booked with us, and if there are any changes you wish for us to check. We are getting really busy and booking fast, so please book any extra sessions ASAP.

There is a committee meeting also next week Wednesday. It will be held at 7pm away form the setting. Any parents wishing to come to this meeting to help support ideas and planning for the summer BBQ, please speak to either Monika or Kirsty for more information on where we are holding this.

Thank you again for all your support, and we all hope you have a great weekend 😊