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Newsletter 8 November 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our weekly newsletter which will contain dates for the diary, updates on what the children have been enjoying during the week, reminders and any additional information to keep parents in the loop.

Headstart would like to welcome back all the children and we hope that everyone has enjoyed their half term break and made some lovely memories in the holidays. Upon our return we have transformed the whole indoor area creating a larger open-planned feel space and renewed our resources for sparking the children’s interest to enhance their play and development. We have had a very busy week in our new ‘Doctor/hospital’ role play area and it was lovely to see how many caring and loving children we have, we definitely have lots of doctors and nurses in the making at Headstart. J

To run alongside the bonfire night celebrations we have been making ‘fruit rockets’ with some delicious fruit cut into various shapes, the children got very excited about this and shared their own firework/bonfire night experiences with the staff which they attended with their own families. The children have also been mark-making and creating and have produced some amazing pictures which are being displayed in our windows so please look out for our masterpieces. J

As we are all aware Christmas is approaching and at a rapid rate, so we have started practicing our Christmas carols for the concert which will be held on Friday 13th December (time still to be confirmed) and this will run alongside our Christmas Jumper Day. We have selected 5 carols and put together a Christmas song sheet which will be handed out to all the children as we would like to encourage parents/families to get involved and practice getting familiar with singing the songs together.

Throughout all next week we have a ‘Sponsored Listen’ which involves getting children to listen to stories and be active in anything involving words to help instil a love of books and reading. All children will be sent home with a letter further explaining this event and we hope to have as many participants as possible .

Polite reminder:

Please could we remind all parents/carers that staff parking alongside the setting’s fence is ONLY for the staff. We have been experiencing some issues with being able to park in the designated area and this causes further complications if staff members have to leave after the session starts to re-park their car. It can affect the staffing ratios and this impact on both health and safety and safeguarding g. Headstart however does appreciate the limited space at busy periods and recognises the inconvenience with the construction work. 

Brayton Headstart is a NUT FREE setting. Can we refrain from putting anything containing nuts in pack ups, including chocolate spread and peanut butter. We have a child in setting that is severely allergic to nuts and is in use of an EPI pen due to serious risk of anaphylactic shock. Any pack ups that contain nuts will be disposed of due to the serious nature of the risk to the child.

The registers are looking extremely healthy for the academic year 2019-2020 and we encourage those that are hoping for extra sessions or places for the following year to book now as spaces are limited. Please feel free to speak to Monika or Rachel if you want to extend any sessions so we can try and accommodate and prioritise those that are already in setting.

 Many Thanks,

Brayton Headstart